Virginia Democrats Push Amendment: Abortions Up to Birth

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Latest News

The 2024 Virginia General Assembly opens this week, and there is a small but powerful pro-abortion majority in both chambers.

These pro-abortion members of the Senate and House of Delegates will block the passage of any strong anti-abortion bills and force through some dreadfully dangerous abortion measures that could turn Virginia into a location for unlimited abortion up to birth.

The first thing a new pro-abortion majority is likely to do is to cast the first of two required votes in favor of a Virginia constitutional amendment allowing unlimited abortion right up to birth, which would start the process of putting the amendment on a statewide ballot for voters.

Changing the Virginia Constitution is a multi-step process, and this session will be the first step, passing amendment language.

HJ1 and SJ1, the Fundamental Right to Reproductive Freedom Act, were the first pieces of legislation introduced by Democrats after the 2023 elections.