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Can a Christian Have a Demon? Deliverance and Church Division

Demons and deliverance have become a very hot topic in the Church today, especially on the heels of the release of Pastor Greg Locke’s movie “Come Out in Jesus’ Name.” It opened Monday night in nearly 2,000 theaters and was followed by Pastor Locke coming on live in these theaters via livestream and conducting a mass deliverance service.

In Pastor Locke’s own words, “This is a historic Church moment. This has never happened! It’s almost like God says, ‘OK, you want to run my spirit out of Church? Well, I’m going to take you into a movie theater.’”

What are we to make of this?

Before the movie aired (so I could neither endorse it or criticize it), Pastor Locke asked if he could join me on my show to talk about the movie. You can listen to our discussion here (starting at the 27-minute mark), where you will hear Pastor Locke lay out his theological views.

Can a Christian have a demon? Have we even defined what this means? Should we use the term demon possession? Should we speak instead of demonization? And where does the ministry of deliverance fit in the lives of Christians? Is this just something we practice on non-believers who want to be set free? Do Christians ever need deliverance?

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