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God Calls Us to Welcome the Stranger

“Grace” should be the “operating principle” for how Christians respond to the thousands of migrants trying to reach the UK in small boats across the English Channel, says Sanctuary Foundation director Dr Krish Kandiah.

He addressed the issue during a Rapid Response webinar on Wednesday called ‘The Illegal Migration Bill, Gary Lineker and the Church.’

Gary Lineker’s tweet in response to the Bill triggered a row at the BBC and divided public opinion for comparing the language used in the policy proposals to that of 1930s’ Germany.

After stepping back from presenting Match of the Day, fellow commentators and football pundits stood in solidarity with Lineker by taking leave from their posts.

The government says it wants to prevent and deter unlawful migration into the UK, particularly migration by ‘unsafe and illegal routes’. People in breach of immigration control will be removed from the UK.

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