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Hillsong Church Announces Changes in Financial Stewardship Following Whistleblower’s Report

Hillsong Church announced a raft of changes in how it manages its finances on Sunday, following a whistleblower’s report alleging that the church’s founder Brian Houston and other leaders, including the newly appointed Global Senior Pastor Phil Dooley, engaged in money laundering, tax evasion and shopping sprees that would “embarrass a Kardashian.”

Along with Dooley, chair of Hillsong Church’s global board, Stephen Crouch, announced that the church is undergoing a forensic audit by accounting firm Grant Thornton, which began in August 2022.

The Australia-based Evangelical global church network also trimmed its staff by 153 through “voluntary resignations” to save $9.47 million annually, implemented a new gifts and honorarium policy, adopted a new culture focused on more effective mission-focused ministry and launched a third-party evaluation of the church’s financial structure and processes.

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