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New Sheriff in Town: Musk Targets Child Sex Exploitation on Twitter as ‘Priority #1’

For newly minted Twitter CEO and owner Elon Musk, overhauling the controversy-plagued social media site is serious business. And now he says “priority #1” is removing child sexual exploitation content from the platform.

Under the helm of former owner Jack Dorsey, Twitter did not put much effort into combating content that promoted the exploitation of children.

For example, Eliza Bleu, a survivor of human trafficking and an advocate for victims, tweeted in September that Twitter initially did not remove a video of a 13-year-old boy being exploited–even after the young man reached out to the platform’s executives.

Reminder: a 13 year old minor survivor begged Twitter to remove a video sexually exploiting him.

Twitter reviewed the content and said NO.

They had his government ID showing that he was a minor at the time.

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