Christian Street Preacher Wins Settlement After Wrong Arrest

by | Jan 17, 2024 | Latest News

A Christian street preacher in Glasgow, Scotland, will receive a substantial settlement after he was unlawfully arrested and detained by police over an unfounded complaint made about his alleged “homophobic language” in 2022.

For the false arrest, Police Scotland will pay Angus Cameron more than $6,900 in U.S. dollars and more than $11,900 in legal fees, according to The Christian Institute, the nonprofit Christian watchdog that represented Cameron in the case.

Cameron, the former pastor of Cumnock Baptist Church, was preaching on Buchanan Street in Glasgow in January 2022 when he was approached by police officers who told him to stop immediately, according to The Daily Mail.

He was searched on the street in front of the public, handcuffed, and told he was being arrested for “breach of the peace with homophobic aggravation,” Christian Today reported.