Goes Back to … Lucifer: Roots of Self-Worship, Cultural Lies

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Faith, Top Story

The personalities behind Christian satire site The Babylon Bee are tackling gender, a “hot-button topic in the culture” that has become both ever-contested and flammable.

Joel Berry, managing editor of The Babylon Bee and co-author of “The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender,” said the book’s sentiments focus on an age-old problem rooted in evil.

“It really all ultimately goes back to God, the creator, and Lucifer saying, ‘I will be like the Most High … ‘God, you’re not going to define who I am. I’m going to define who I am.’”

With that mentality seeping into the culture, Berry said the Babylon Bee team felt gender was an “important topic to discuss.”

“[It was a very easy] topic for us to write about, just because it’s something we joke about all the time,” he said. “And it’s very funny …”