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The Dynamics of Spiritual Warfare in Marriage

The dynamics of spiritual warfare in marriage

A healthy and enduring marriage requires effort, honesty, forgiveness, perseverance, love, gentleness, and relentless compassion. And while every marriage hits bumps in the road; did you know that there are spiritual entities scheming right now in hopes of tearing your marriage apart?

Spiritual warfare in marriage is an extremely powerful dynamic. Take two Christians for example. Each one loves the Lord, and they also love one another. And while God certainly lives within them, there are also “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12) watching for any opportunity to pounce.

Are demons free to pounce whenever they feel like it? Not exactly. While they are within range to tempt you at any moment, they usually wait for you to “open a door” so to speak in the spiritual realm through which they can readily enter your space in a destructive manner. They want to disturb your heart, your mind and your marriage.

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