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NBA Player Jonathan Isaac Proving Jesus, Family Values Aren’t ‘Hateful,’ Launches Brand for Unity

NBA player Jonathan Isaac proving Jesus, family values aren't 'hateful,' launches brand for unity

NBA player Jonathan Isaac is combatting the mainstream rhetoric against Christianity by launching his clothing brand UNITUS to celebrate faith, family and the power of people coming together in the name of “true greatness.”

Isaac, a 25-year-old Orlando Magic forward who’s also an ordained Christian minister, made headlines in 2020 for refusing to kneel during the National Anthem alongside his teammates who were wearing jerseys supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

The media firestorm brought him national attention, and now, he is capitalizing on his stance by launching UNITUS, described as a high-quality apparel line that celebrates faith and family values.

Isaac was signed to Nike as a brand ambassador in 2020, but after suffering an injury, he did not resign. At that time, the athlete and his pastor, Bishop Durone E. Hepburn of J.U.M.P. Ministries Global Church, came up with the idea for the brand.

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