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‘My Rotten Sins Have Been…Paid For’: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson’s Powerful Response to Movie Telling His True Redemption Story

Long before the Robertsons became household names and sparked nonstop laughs through their hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” running on A&E from 2012 through 2017, patriarch Phil Robertson faced an arduous journey.

Far from the God-fearing man he is today, early on in his marriage to his wife, Kay, Phil was an alcoholic who almost imploded his life. Then he found Jesus.

Now, Phil’s story of almost losing it all, embracing Christ, and later inspiring millions will be told through the feature film “The Blind,” set to hit theaters nationwide Sept. 28. The movie pledges to tell the “true story of the Robertson family,” a journey sure to inspire audiences.

“I’m embarrassed by my past on one side, but on the other, I’m unashamed because my rotten sins have been bought and paid for by blood,” Phil told CBN’s Faithwire in a statement. “If ‘The Blind’ brings one person to know the power of the blood of Jesus, it was worth it.’”

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