Detransitioners, the Dark Side of Gender-Affirming

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Latest News, Top Story

“Generation Indoctrination,” a groundbreaking new podcast, recently delved into the harrowing experiences of individuals who have undergone body-deforming trans procedures, only to regret their decisions and pursue detransitioning.

The fifth episode of season 3, hosted by The Christian Post’s Brandon Showalter and titled “In Their Own Words: Detransitioners, Advocates Decry Deceptions Of ‘Gender-Affirming Care,” shed light on the profoundly personal and societal challenges faced by detransitioners.

Forrest Smith, a young man from Oregon, shared how, at the age of 20, he was prescribed cross-sex hormones and, over the next five years, underwent a series of irreversible body-mutilating surgeries, including breast implants and a double orchiectomy, which left him permanently sterilized.

“I lived for five years in my identity,” he said of living as “Ramona.”

Living in subsidized housing in Portland, Smith was deeply embedded in a network of social services targeting the LGBT community. However, the promise of a new identity soon gave way to regret and a host of unintended consequences.