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Watchdog Raises Alarm for Oreo Tie to LGBT Advocacy Group

Nonprofit watchdog raises alarm over Oreo's ties to LGBT advocacy group: 'Inappropriate relationship'

A nonprofit watchdog group has released a video highlighting Oreo’s ties to an LGBT advocacy group that has advocated for explicit books in school and lobbied against legislation to protect minors from trans procedures without parental consent.

National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) alleged in a Wednesday press release that Oreo, which is slated to run its first Super Bowl ad in 10 years, has developed an “inappropriate relationship” with PFLAG, which they claim has influenced its advertising and could hurt its profits.

Founded in 1973, PFLAG describes itself as “the first and largest organization dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQ+ people and their families,” according to its website.

NLPC pinpointed how Oreo has used its popularity to roll out “various short filmsspecial packaging and fundraisers” to promote PFLAG’s agenda, which they noted includes lobbying against laws that seek to protect minors from trans medicalization.

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