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Legislator Holds Her Baby in Arms and Promoted Abortion

Legislator Holds Her Baby in Arms and Promoted Abortion

Irony is always lost on abortion advocates. In the latest example of this, a New Hampshire state legislator held her baby in her arms while advocating to kill babies in late-term abortions.

As LifeNews reported last week, New Hampshire will not be the next to make killing babies in abortions a state constitutional right.

Ironically, the Democrat leading the charge for the radical amendment to make killing babies a right just gave birth. Apparently it’s completely lost on Rep. Amanda Toll that her own amendment would kill babies just like her little girl.

“It has been challenging, just a week past the birth of my daughter, to consider giving a floor speech,” Toll said.

Cradling her newborn baby, Toll appealed to the House on Thursday to pass a constitutional amendment guaranteeing abortions up to birth thanks to loopholes.

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