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Christian Coffee Shop Targeted by Communists, LGBTQ Activists: ‘They Want Our Doors Shut’

Christian Coffee Shop Targeted by Communists, LGBTQ Activists: ‘They Want…Our Doors Shut’

The owner of a Christian coffee shop in Colorado says his business has been under intense heat from LGBTQ and communist protestors purportedly aiming to shut down the establishment.

Jamie Sanchez, the founder of Recycle God’s Love, launched the Drip Cafe this year to further his mission of helping the homeless.

“We are starting up [an effort] called Project Revive, and essentially it’s to take someone who’s struggling with homelessness and break all the chains that are holding them down,” he said. “As far as mental health, spiritual coaching, financial advice … getting a job, getting housing — everything you can think of.”

Watch Sanchez explain the chaos unfolding outside his cafe:

The Drip Cafe is an effort to offer employment and real jobs to those in the program to help their recovery and growth.

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