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Iran: Judge Frees Christian Couple From Prison, Rules House Church Gatherings Not Illegal

Iranian authorities released two Christian leaders from prison last week after a judge broke with common judicial practice in the country and ruled that home church participation was not illegal, sources said.

Throwing out a 2020 conviction, a judge in Branch 34 of the Appeals Court in Tehran on May 9 found there was no evidence the couple had violated Iran’s national security laws by participating in a home meeting, according to advocacy group Article 18.

Sara Ahmadi and Homayoun Zhaveh | Article 18

Homayoun Zhaveh, 64, and wife, Sara Ahmadi, 45, both converts from Islam, were released later that day.

In his ruling, the judge found that belonging to or participating in a “home-group” with people of the same faith was not illegal but “natural.”

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