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‘Ouija Boards…Witches, Curses’: Exorcist Bursts Open Real-Life Possession Case Files

Talking board and planchette used on seances for communicating with the dead / high contrast image

The Exorcist Files” host Ryan Bethea’s fascinating foray into exorcism and the demonic realm took form while he was researching miracles. That exploration sent him deeper into a quest to understand evil.

“I’ve always been fascinated by claims of the miraculous — anything that sort of violates the natural law,” Bethea told CBN’s Faithwire.

That inquiry led Bethea to the Vatican in 2018, where he began having some interesting conversations about evil. Those discussions ushered him to meet with one of the “leading authorities on spiritual warfare and exorcism in the church.”

And that connection inevitably brought Bethea to Father Carlos Martins, a Catholic priest who works as an exorcist, driving out the demonic from people and locations.

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