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‘Trap From the ‘Devil’: Priest Warns Christians Not to Play ‘Holy Spirit’ Ouija Board Game

A new board game marketed as a “Christian” version of the Ouija board has been criticized as satanic and a “trap from the devil.”

Named “The Holy Spirit Board by Holy Spirit Games – Christian Religious Talking Board for Seance with Planchette,” the game advertises itself on Amazon as a way to help people talk directly to “our lord and savior Jesus Christ!”

“GET THE ANSWERS YOU NEED! — The Holy Spirit Board can answer all of life’s most important questions, straight from the man himself!” the board’s description adds. “Unlike other spirit boards that are often used to contact ghosts and demons, this is a one way ticket straight to heaven.”

While the board’s layout looks similar to a Ouija board, it differs by including an image of Jesus crucified on the cross, three angels, a dove and a cross to be moved around on the board.

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