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Canada Considers Allowing Assisted Suicide for Children Without Parental Consent

A parliamentary committee has called for expanding Canada’s assisted suicide program so that “mature minors” whose deaths are “reasonably foreseeable” be allowed to hasten their deaths without parental consent.

The Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying presented its report last week for discussion in the House of Commons, recommending that minors should be eligible for doctor-assisted suicide.

Minors “deemed to have the requisite decision-making capacity upon assessment” should be eligible for the country’s Medical Assistance in Dying Program (MAID), the report states in a list of 23 recommendations.

The committee urged the Canadian government to “undertake consultations with minors on the topic of MAID, including minors with terminal illnesses, minors with disabilities, minors in the child welfare system and Indigenous minors, within five years of the tabling of this report.”

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