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Occultic Uptick? Alarming Proportion of Young People Use Crystals and Herbs, Follow ‘Spiritual Teachers’

A substantial proportion of young people are engaging in herbs and crystals as part of routine spiritual practices, according to a research firm that specializes in surveying youths.

Springtide Research Institute told CBN’s Faithwire it found 44% of young people between the ages of 13 and 25 “engage with herbs/crystals as a spiritual practice.” Shockingly, 21% do so on a weekly basis.

These results were found in the polling firm’s “State of Religion & Young People 2022” report, underscoring the reality that young people are finding alternative sources of religion and spirituality in an era of rampant secularism and less attachment to Judeo-Christian values.

With culture skewing away from the faith, a vacuum is in its place, and young people are desperately looking to fill the holes.

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