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‘The Chosen’ Creators Share How Series is Impacting Gen Z: ‘On the Verge of a Revolution’

ATLANTA — The cast and crew of “The Chosen” reflected on the universal impact the show is having on viewers, influencing everyone from non-believers to Gen Z with its compelling storytelling, timely storylines and biblical accuracy.

“The thing that sets [‘The Chosen’] apart is how real and authentic all of these characters feel, how human they are, how flawed they are,” Jordan Walker Ross, who plays the role of Little James, one of Jesus’ apostles, told The Christian Post at the teal carpet premiere of “The Chosen” season three at the Fox Theater in Atlanta. In the show, Little James suffers from cerebral palsy and scoliosis, which makes him limp.

“I think one great thing about Gen Z is they’re open to having these difficult conversations and asking the tough questions, and ‘The Chosen’ is the same.

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