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Lecrae Discontinues ‘Thoughtless’ Cardi B T-Shirt After Criticism

Lecrae discontinues ‘thoughtless’ Cardi B T-shirt after criticism

Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae, known for his outward Christian faith and music, is discontinuing a T-shirt claiming Christians can quote vulgar rapper Cardi B and the Bible.

Lecrae was initially called out by Louisiana emcee Dee-1 for his “Righteous & Ratchet” merchandise campaign last week. The campaign, launched by Lecrae, featured a shirt that read: “I can quote Cardi B and Corinthians.”

Dee-1 said he felt called to address the line because people need to know that not everyone in Christian hip-hop co-signed the initiative.

Dee-1 said he through he and Lecrae agreed the T-shirt could be misleading when they discussed it privately.

But Dee-1 claims Lecrae “Still chose to want to monetize the moment.” He admonished his peer and implied his behavior was coming off as lukewarm.

“So [now], it seems like you’re putting the business before the ministry, and we have to be careful of that in life…”

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