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Sure, Woke Culture is Here But so is the Holy Spirit

During my teenage years, I was eager to move beyond the confines of my narrow Pentecostal background, so I rejected much of my upbringing. I had been touched by the Lord but was running from Him. To me, surrendering to God meant ending up in some forlorn mission field, and I didn’t want that for my life. Plus, I was influenced by the rebellious hippie culture, and as I was coming of age, I wanted to experience what had always been forbidden in my Pentecostal home: a liberal lifestyle. As uncomfortable as I might have been, I made it my goal to join a fraternity and be like the other college kids.

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced that tug to stray away from what is good for the things of this world. Just look at what happened recently with the outbreak of hundreds of teenagers destroying property and fighting in the middle of Chicago. The upside-down world is hurtling toward our young adults. I pray that instead of being pulled in by the darkness of this chaos that the Gospel would be revealed to them as the truth, just as it was for me.

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