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Unique piece of Scotland’s religious history saved after £2m restoration

The 500-year old heraldic ceiling at St Machar’s Cathedral in Aberdeen has been restored thanks to a £2 million preservation program.

A unique piece of Scotland’s religious history has been preserved thanks to a £2m restoration project.

The 16th century heraldic ceiling of St Machar’s Cathedral, Aberdeen, comprises 48 coats of arms including that of Pope Leo X, King James V of Scotland, Henry VIII of England and many of the royal houses of Europe.

An exquisite piece of medieval carpentry that attracts visitors from around the world, it was commissioned in 1520 by Bishop Gavin Dunbar and survived the turbulent years of the Reformation.

It was due to mark its 500th anniversary in 2020 when worrying signs of deterioration were detected, including a mysterious white substance on the shields that turned out to be stearic acid produced by the breakdown of linseed oil…

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