Nearly 2,000 Minnesota students chose to opt out of a "History and Culture" lesson

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2,000 Minnesota Students Opt Out of LGBTQ+ School Lesson

In the Osseo Area Schools district in Minnesota, a significant number of high school students, estimated at nearly 2,000, chose to opt out of an "LGBTQIA+ History and Culture" lesson. This decision was influenced by a 2022 school board resolution which mandated the inclusion of LGBTQIA+ supportive policies and curricula. The lesson itself was part of a broader initiative to create inclusive and supportive educational environments for LGBTQIA+ students and staff.

Despite these intentions, the lesson faced substantial pushback from students, parents, and some community members who felt it represented a form of political indoctrination. Liberty Counsel, a national legal organization, intervened, asserting that the lesson could violate the sincerely-held religious beliefs of students and teachers, prompting the district to allow opt-outs without retaliation.

2024 Survey: Evangelicals Prioritize Immigration, Sovereignty, Abortion Issues

Coral Ridge Ministries recently conducted their 2024 Spiritual State of the Nation Survey, revealing significant concerns among Evangelicals on key issues like immigration, American sovereignty, and abortion heading into the upcoming presidential election. The survey, which garnered responses from the ministry's supporters, highlighted immigration as the most pressing concern for 56% of respondents, with American sovereignty and abortion also ranking highly among the issues they consider critical for the new Congress and administration to address.

In addition to these topics, the survey also touched on religious freedom, federal spending, and various societal issues such as the growth of socialist views, the protection of traditional values, and the challenges posed by trans rights and racial divides. This comprehensive insight into the priorities of Evangelicals showcases a community actively engaged in national discourse, reflecting deep-seated values and concerns that they feel are pivotal as the nation moves towards another election cycle.

The Exorcist Files: How a Hit Podcast is Leading People to Christ

The Exorcist Files, a popular podcast that has captivated audiences with its dramatic reenactments of exorcism cases, has become a significant success with millions of downloads. The podcast uniquely combines 3-D binaural audio technology and professional voice acting to create an immersive listening experience that explores profound and often disturbing cases of possession. Hosted by Ryan Bethea and featuring Father Carlos Martins, a well-known exorcist, the series delves into the spiritual and demonic realms, providing educational content on how exorcisms are performed and the signs of demonic possession.

The creators have successfully funded a second season through Kickstarter, reflecting the show's popularity and the audience's eagerness for more content. The podcast is noted not just for its entertainment value but also for its educational approach to a topic that bridges religious and cultural divides. Many who are curious about spiritual warfare are tuning in, and some are actually coming to believe in Christ. 

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New 'Sing the Great Commission' Album Inspires with Gospel Message

More than 25,000 Christians from 37 countries joined GRAMMY®-nominated artists and modern hymn writers Keith & Kristyn Getty to record Sing! The Great Commission: World Tour LIVE — a fresh collection of 21 hymns that are giving a common voice to the global church. (more)

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RFK Jr. introduced a new abortion platform advocating for "More choices, more life," focusing on expanding abortion alternatives and supporting women's decisions. (more)

Prestonwood Baptist Church (a Dallas-area megachurch) emphasized the importance of adoption and foster care during their Chosen Conference, aiming to raise awareness and encourage community involvement in these critical areas. (more)

Mandisa's death investigation has been updated by the police, who have provided new insights into the circumstances of the Christian artist's passing, confirming that no foul play is suspected. (more)

Preacher John Lindell who condemned Mark Driscoll's behavior as "demonic" has issued an apology for inappropriately inviting a sword swallower to a church conference. (more)