I’m in Youtube Jail for Exposing Secularism Consequences

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Latest News, Top Story

This past weekend, YouTube put me in YouTube jail for seven days after I posted a viral video of students at a high school in Oklahoma licking peanut butter from each other’s feet. The stomach-churning images of young teenagers at Deer Creek High School in Edmond crawling on the ground in such a degrading fashion is upsetting on so many levels. Perhaps the most obvious is the report that whomever the responsible parties are who came up with this debauchery idea, used charity as the reason to dupe these young impressionable minds to degrade themselves.

Evidently, students were encouraged to pay to attend “an assembly called the ‘Clash of Classes,’ [and] [t]he event was held to raise money for Not Your Average Joe, a coffee shop in Oklahoma City that employs people with physical or mental disabilities.