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Abortion Drugs Are Killing Babies and Harming Women

Abortion Drugs Aren’t Just Killing Babies, They’re Harming Women. Get Them Off The Market

Every day we make assumptions as consumers. We assume food labels list accurate ingredients. I’m allergic to guaifenesin, so I assume that if that’s listed on a cold medicine label, I should steer clear but if not then it’s safe for me to take.

We make these assumptions because a federal agency in Washington, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, tells us we can. It’s their job to pre-clear drugs before they hit the shelves and to continue to monitor usage for any problems that we as consumers need to know about. We trust them to not put a drug on the market if it’s not safe and effective. And we trust them to pull a drug off the market if they learn new information that suggests it’s dangerous for consumers.

Yet from the beginning, politics—not science—has driven the approval of abortion drugs, which now end the lives of hundreds of thousands of healthy babies each year in the United States alone.

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