Harvard Pressuring Jewish Group to Remove Their Menorah

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Latest News, Top Story

Amid rising on-campus antisemitism since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, Harvard University has reportedly instructed a Jewish student group to remove their menorah each night following its lighting, citing concerns over potential vandalism and its negative impact on the university’s image.

Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi, leader of Harvard Chabad, revealed this directive during a Hanukkah lighting event near Widener Library, the New York Post said. Zarchi, who founded Harvard Chabad, added that the university has requested the menorah’s nightly removal since the inaugural campus Hanukkah lighting.

“On our campus in the shadow of Widener Library, we in the Jewish community are instructed, ‘We’ll let you have the menorah, you made your point, OK. Pack it up, don’t leave it out overnight because there will be criminal activity we fear and it won’t look good’,” Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi said…