Israeli EMT Exchanges Gunfire With Terrorists while Evacuating the Wounded

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Latest News, Top Story

Black Saturday is the name given to October 7, 2023, the day Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli communities murdering and kidnapping, regardless of nationality or religion. Those who endured the attacks are beginning to share their stories of survival.

Gilad Honwald, an EMT with MAGEN DAVID ADOM (MDA), lives in Kibbutz Alumim in southern Israel. At 6:30 a.m. on October 7, he was awakened by Red Alert sirens that typically signal a rocket attack. Not yet knowing what was unfolding, Gilad rushed out with his son to search for any neighbors who might have been wounded.

They heard gunshots coming from the direction of the village of Nahal Oz and received messages that there were terrorists in the kibbutz. Reports came that two foreign workers were murdered and three others were wounded.

As part of the security response team for Kibbutz Alumim, Gilad immediately rushed toward the terrorists, engaging in a battle with Hamas to defend the kibbutz that lasted for over four hours.

Gilad returned to attend to the many wounded, but was again charged by four more terrorists, whom he escaped.

Gilad then received a report that members of the security response team were injured and needed medical attention. Gilad rushed back to his team, picked up a weapon, and, under fire, began to evacuate the wounded while fighting Hamas.

“I evacuated ten people,” Gilad said. “It was clear to everyone that we were fighting for our home. Anyone else would have done the same.”

Understanding Israel’s Kibbutzim

In the Holy Land of Israel, close-knit kibbutz communities uphold principles of sharing, equality, and working together as one community, much like the early Christian communities in the New Testament.

The kibbutzim (plural for kibbutz) allow members to have private property and individual incomes based on their work. It is a dynamic mix of traditional values and contemporary living. Some kibbutzim still cherish the sense of community and mutual responsibility, much like the early Christian church, while others have shifted their focus to economic endeavors.

What remains constant is their commitment to providing communal education and healthcare services to all members, reflecting compassion and care for one another. Kibbutzim have adapted while holding onto the core principles of community and support.


MDA is Israel’s emergency medical service and ambulance provider that answers every emergency call for help, trains and dispatches paramedics and EMTs, maintains the nation’s blood supply, and responds to disasters worldwide. MDA is composed of 30,000 volunteers like Gilad and about 3,000 team members.

Right now, volunteers and resources are being gathered from around the globe to support MDA’s efforts to save lives during this unprecedented time of war in Israel. With each act of violence, MDA teams and individuals run into the fray to save lives.

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