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Beware of False Believers

Beware of false believers

Genuine ministers of the Gospel have been trying to let Christians know that there are many false teachers and prophets out there that are deceiving the people of God. Jesus also warned us beforehand that there will be false prophets and teachers with deceptive schemes which will be difficult for even the elect to discern (Mathew 24:24). What many of us have not considered is that these false prophets and teachers have given birth to many false believers whose assignment is to popularize falsehood among Christians.

These false believers are deployed into cities and towns to talk people outside of their churches to convince other Christians that their pastor is the most powerful in town, and that only their church preaches the truth. They advertise their false masters, popularize them and cause genuine ministers to feel inferior. Some of these ministers who find it difficult to go through the pain, difficulties, mockeries, shames and challenges associated with the cross of Christ are pressured to join the false bandwagon in order to become relevant.

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