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Nick Vujicic Talks Attempted Suicide, God’s Sovereignty in (Not) Healing

Nick Vujicic talks attempted suicide, God's sovereignty in (not) healing

“I have a pair of shoes in my closet in case God gives me arms and legs.”

If there’s anything that Nick Vujicic wants the world to know, it’s that he believes in a very, very, very big God.

The author, public speaker and founder of Nick V. Ministries has been around the world telling his compelling life story of being born without limbs and yet, as he shares in a new I Am Second video, Vujicic knows even if healing does not come, Jesus is still faithful.

“I realized two things,” the 40-year-old Australian native said. “Number one, the greatest miracle of all that I’ll ever receive in my life is my soul being saved; me being filled with the Holy Spirit, having a relationship with Jesus while I abide in Him and He abides in me. Him being my comfort, my strength, gives me guidance and wisdom throughout my life.

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Suicide rates at all-time high

Suicide Rates At All-Time High