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Danny Gokey Unveils EP ‘Brave’ to Restore Patriotism, Unity in the US: ‘The Enemy Always Works with Division’

Just ahead of Independence Day, Grammy-nominated artist Danny Gokey has unveiled a stirring three-song EP titled Brave, fueled by a deep desire to restore patriotism and unity in the hearts of Americans.

“There are so many opinions out there, and when it comes to our country, since there are so many voices of shame, guilt, opinions and ideas, people don’t know what to feel,” Gokey told The Christian Post.

“I think everywhere you live, you should celebrate. Every country has a past, but the people that decide where the country goes. So I started writing songs for our country … with the hope of restoring patriotism, the hope of restoring a sense of pride in our country. The United States of America is built on a system of freedom. And not every country has been able to have that.

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