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After ‘Duck Dynasty’ Shocked Hollywood, Willie and Korie Robertson Ramp Up Effort to Spread ‘Light in Darkness’

WASHINGTON - April 27: Willie Robertson and wife Korie arrive at the White House Correspondents Dinner April 27, 2013 in Washington, DC

“Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson are continuing to inspire fans and audiences with a new musical that tells the Gospel story in a powerful and innovative way.

Willie told CBN’s Faithwire he was working on a book not long ago about sharing the Christian faith with others and found himself stuck. As he worked through the manuscript, he received a text message.

“I get a text from the director of this musical, ‘His Story,’ and I didn’t know anything about it,” he said. “And it was one of the songs, and I was just blown away.”

Willie quickly realized the musical was a unique way of spreading the Gospel — and his mind immediately opened to the possibilities.

“It was like I was hearing God saying, ‘There’s other ways to get the Gospel out,’” he said. “[I] told Korie about it, and I was hoping she shared in my enthusiasm.”

Korie, too, was moved by what she heard, noting her husband had “tears in his eyes” — something that led her to conclude there was something profoundly special about the project.

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