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Pope Francis Taps Italian Cardinal Zuppi to Lead Peace Mission in Ukraine

Pope Francis appointed Italian Cardinal Matteo Zuppi to head his mission to foster peace in the Russian-Ukrainian war as the Vatican renews its efforts to mediate the conflict in the heart of Europe.

Zuppi, who is the head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, or CEI, “was charged with conducting a mission in accordance with the Secretary of State that contributes to easing tensions in the conflict in Ukraine with the hope, never lost by the Holy Father, that this might open paths toward peace,” read a statement by the Vatican on Saturday.

The timing and execution of the mission is currently under study, the statement added.

Pope Francis and the Vatican have attempted to mediate a peace between Russia and Ukraine ever since the conflict began 15 months ago. The pope has sent trusted advisers to Ukraine, including Papal Almoner Konrad Krajewski and Vatican Secretary for Relations with States Mons. Paul Gallagher.

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