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The Mental Health Crisis in Today’s Kids: Who’s to Blame?

Officials talk incessantly about the mental health crisis among children, and they blame anything from COVID-19 to social media. While I agree COVID school shutdowns and unsavory social media platforms added to the problem, I don’t agree with government schools addressing the problem for which I assert they created.

Led by the federal government, Marxist schemes are being implemented in America’s schools where children’s minds are being pumped full of hate for themselves, others, and their country. All the while, government schools in collaboration with physicians have been drugging children for decades to control their behavior (ADD and ADHD), and the side effects of prescribing amphetamines to young children for many years have the real potential to increase violent behavior and mental disorders and eliminates the ability for a child to learn to regulate their behavior, a.k.a. self-control.

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