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‘Discipleship Lite’ is Not an Option for a Christian

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Miller Lite launched an advertising campaign in 1973 that introduced a new product to the beverage market: light beer. It had fewer calories and carbs, but would it taste as good? The television ads featured athletes and celebrities bantering over whether it was the new beer’s taste or caloric lightness that made it so good. It became one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history, making “Great taste … Less filling” an iconic slogan.

Discipleship has become one of the buzzwords of many churches today, and it’s a good one. Although the word is not found in the Bible, it is the universal understanding of being trained — or discipled — to be like someone. It’s not just knowing what they know but living in a way that reflects who they are at the core of their being (Luke 6:40).

Two thousand years ago, there was a group referred to in the Gospels as the disciples. These were personally chosen by Jesus and discipled to lead the new movement He was starting. So if you’ve ever wondered what the finished product of someone discipled by the best discipler ever is supposed to look like, just check out the results. And when you do, you find their lives had been completely rearranged around God’s heart for the redemption and restoration of the world He loved. Discipleship not only changed their character and relationships: it changed their identity and purpose.

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