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What is Wokeness?

Woke culture phrase written with a typewriter.

In 2018, Pastor Eric Mason wanted you to embrace being a “Woke Church.”

But by 2022, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was proudly proclaiming that “Florida is where woke goes to die.”

These days it seems like wokeness is everywhere. While some people use the word positively, the vast majority seem to use it pejoratively — whatever woke is, it’s bad.

So, what is “wokeness”?

“Like any theory-driven discipline — wokeness has its own vocabulary, definitive literature, and intramural discussions,” Owen Strachan explained in his book Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel and the Way to Stop It.

Because of this, even though we can spot wokeness, or wokeism, just about everywhere, sometimes defining it can be difficult. Strachan says that he “uses this term to describe the collective ideas and activism of Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, and people who identify as ‘woke’ more generally.”

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