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Former Megachurch Youth Pastor Christopher Burns Now on FBI’s Most Wanted List

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Christopher Burns, a former youth pastor at Perimeter Church in Georgia turned financial advisor, is now on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for allegedly defrauding dozens of investors of millions of dollars, which he splurged on a lavish lifestyle and an obsession with Disney World.

Burns, who was last seen by his ex-wife and children on Sept. 24, 2020, went on the run one day before he was scheduled to relinquish documents related to his businesses to the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to a recent release from the Department of Justice.

“Burns is charged for allegedly stealing millions of dollars from clients in an illegal investment fraud scheme,” Keri Farley, special agent in charge of FBI Atlanta, said in a statement. “Financial crimes of this nature can cause significant disruptions to the lives of those who are victimized, and the FBI is dedicated to holding these criminals accountable.”

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