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John Piper Offers 6 Biblical Reasons Why Parents Shouldn’t Let Their Kids Cross-Dress

Edinburgh, East Lothian, Scotland - June 20 2019: John Piper preaching in full flow at Sing Scotland 2019 conference by 20 Schemes

Theologian and Bible teacher John Piper recently shared what he says are “six biblical realities” showing why Christian parents shouldn’t allow their kids to cross-dress, especially at church.

In an episode of his podcast “Ask Pastor John” posted on the Desiring God website Monday, a listener asked about a family at her church that allows their son to wear dresses.

“They seem to let him choose most of what he wants to do,” said the listener, identified only by the name Cindi. “We, of course, see a lot of danger in this parenting method. They were asked to leave a previous church over this issue. What would be your approach to helping these parents with Scripture on this issue?”

Piper, the chancellor at Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who served for 33 years as pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, offered “biblical realities” he hopes will encourage parents to “gladly submit to God’s word and adjust their parenting strategies.”

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