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An Effective Framework for Sharing the Gospel

London City Mission (LCM) offered practical evangelism training over the weekend for Christians to equip them with skills and tools to “effectively and authentically” share their faith with their communities.

They were reminded of the example Paul set in the book of Acts as a launch pad for evangelism strategy.

“Paul engaged socially with a whole range of people,” said Felix Aremo, LCM’s Missiologist Field Director.

“It distressed Paul deeply that the people of Athens were worshipping idols. He stepped in and built relationships with them to share the gospel. He had deep love for people and God.”

Also speaking at the session was Patrick Kangi, a missionary from Croydon who reaches out to senior citizens.

He advised, when sharing faith, to tell the story of creation in Genesis as this was the initial plan God had for the world before sin was entered.

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