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Ugandan Police Rescue 40 Kids From Horrific Alleged Kidnapping Plot That Would Have Sold Them Off to Terrorists

Ugandan police reportedly rescued 40 Christian kids allegedly kidnapped by a Muslim man pretending to work for a Christian charity.

Authorities believe the 27-year-old man lured these kids, ages 5 to 16, to a hotel based on the false promise of an education.

Police reportedly rescued the 40 kids Feb. 2 from that hotel; officials purportedly believe there were plans to kidnap and sell them to a militant group, Morning Star News reported.

The alleged scheme was first caught by a pastor who heard from church members about a Christian organization promising scholarships for kids to attend school in central Uganda.

The preacher told Morning Star News some parents had decided to take the organization up on the opportunity, which turned out to be fake — and potentially dangerous for the children.

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