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Ex-Psychic’s Alarming Warning to Parents About Witchcraft, Evil, and the Occult: ‘Shows How Deceptive the Devil Is’

Once overtaken by the occult, an ex-psychic is speaking out about culture’s obsession with crystals, herbs, and other items tied to witchcraft.

Jenn Nizza, a Christian who now shares her testimony on social media and through her new podcast, “Ex-Psychic Saved,” warned about young people’s increased use of such tools.

“This is so New Age … using crystals for protection, to ward off evil, for enlightenment, to bring about psychic awareness, to place on chakras, thinking you’re going to open them up and use the energy from the crystals,” she told CBN’s Faithwire. “This whole thing is relying on energy with crystals.”

Nizza reflected on her past use of crystals as a psychic, noting she used a heart-shaped rose quartz pendant to try and draw love toward herself. She said people use crystals for other reasons as well, including protection against illness.

“It’s really so scary,” she said, noting the use of such tools is growing.

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