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Apologist Dismisses Biblical Critics’ Claims, Details Proof For the Virgin Birth: ‘Put Your Faith and Trust in the Evidence’

Jason Jimenez, an apologist and host of the “Challenging Conversations” podcast, recently commenced an episode of his show with a fascinating question: How many of you believe in the virgin birth?

It’s an essential inquiry in an era hyper-focused on the material and the self — and one obviously worth pondering during the Christmas season. Apologists like Jimenez also believe this is especially important to tackle during a time when secularism rages and progressive ideologies dismiss basic biblical tenets.

In laying out compelling evidence, Jimenez contended, despite increased skepticism in some circles, the Gospel narrative “is credible” and people “can trust the virgin birth story,” pointing to Scripture, dating, and other key research to make his appeals.

“You can put your faith and trust in the evidence that we have surrounding it,” he said.

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