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‘I Love Jewish People, but I also Love Nazis’: Kanye West Praises Jesus, Hitler in Bizarre Alex Jones Interview

Kanye West called on Americans to “put Jesus first” and said there are “good things” about Adolf Hitler during a bizarre interview with Infowars founder Alex Jones in which West wore a black mask over his face.

The interview, which also included controversial Catholic political commentator Nick Fuentes — who’s known for making anti-Semitic statements and rebuffed accusations that he’s a white supremacist despite his public comments about race and segregation — covered a wide range of topics, from Elon Musk and Twitter to free speech, Jewish people, and the Balenciaga scandal.

During an early segment in the show, West -— who had a copy of the Bible next to him -— prayed for several minutes in Jesus’ name, and then exhorted Americans to put God first.

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