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The Recipe for Gratitude is Simple. Try this.

Depending on the time of day you are reading this article, you have probably engaged in a certain exchange several times. Perhaps at breakfast, someone passed you the cream for your coffee. Later, your spouse offered to run an errand for you while you were at work. Or perhaps someone held a door open for you as you entered a building or complimented you on your appearance.

In each of those situations, and probably countless others, you likely responded with “Thank you!” That phrase is repeated innumerable times each day around the world, more often in some cultures than others. But as much as we say, “Thank you,” we probably don’t say it as often as we should. Thanks, or gratitude, has become one of those things that we somehow neglect to say.

What does not saying, “Thank you,” suggest? It suggests that we are taking blessings and favor for granted.

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